Feb. 17, 2017

Kitchens That'll Never Go Out of Style

Kitchens That'll Never Go Out of Style:

7 Ingredients for a Timeless Look


Kitchen trends will come and go, but some things never go out of style. If you want a kitchen that will stand the test of time and still look as beautiful twenty years from now ...

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Jan. 30, 2017

Downsize a Home Sooner, Not Later

For most people, their house is their biggest asset. It's also their biggest expense. But when it comes to retirement planning, a house often falls to the bottom of the list involving changes in later life.

There are plenty of reasons for the inertia. Emotionally, it's hard to ...

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Jan. 25, 2017

Radon, Fact or Fiction?

Radon awareness and education should be at the top of every homeowner's safety list. Radon is a colorless, odorless and tasteless radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer. Fortunately, there are ways to test for mitigate its effect in the home. If you're buying a home, the US ...

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Aug. 26, 2016

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets (Budget-Friendly Renovation at Its Best!)


Kitchen renovations can cost a bundle, except this budget-friendly face-lift: painting your cabinets. Hire a professional to paint the cabinets in a midsize kitchen for about $750 -- or spend as little as $200 on materials and a weekend tackling this ...

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Aug. 22, 2016

Move-up homes evolve to fit changing tastes

Move-up homes, traditionally purchased by families who have outgrown their first house, are as in demand as ever. But builders say today's buyers have different preferences than their predecessors.

Rather than providing more space, move-up homes have evolved to offer features designed to fit the hectic lifestyles of today's buyers, usually families with young ...

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June 22, 2016

Buying and Selling Your Home: Which comes first?



Unless you’re upgrading to a new home every year, chances are the buying and selling process has changed significantly since you were last in a closing. The market is different, new lender requirements have been introduced and you probably have a different set of needs for your next ...

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March 23, 2016

A Real Estate Wrinkle

How to age proof your home

I live in Boston in a 1916 New England colonial that I love. It's a perfect location, across from a park, five minutes from public transportation and four blocks from restaurants and stores. But the house won't be perfect if my husband ...

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Feb. 22, 2016

Packing Up? How to grieve and get on with it

Denver Post article by Marni Jameson

For those of you just tuning in- and I'm afraid that includes me- my home life has gone through a metamorphosis lately.

Two and a half years ago, I lived in a mountain home I owned in Colorado with a husband, two kids ...

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